Sunday, January 25, 2009

Top 100 Things I am Grateful For in 2009

We so often spend time on what is important to us and on the values we hold dearest. In this process we can easily overlook the celebration of goals attained, the celebration of how far we've come.

The things that truly contribute to our happiness and the happiness of others are important even if they are apparently small in many ways. Have you heard the quote "if the only prayer you ever prayed was 'thank you' it would be enough". So in the spirit of saying thank you to the universe, here are 100 things I am grateful for in 2009.

  • health

  • lungs that breathe me

  • a digestive system that works

  • home

  • a loving spouse

  • being seen as adorable & appreciated by my spouse

  • warm and cozy blankets

  • a windbreaker jacket

  • humanity

  • hope

  • happiness

  • the excitement of a new day

  • a well stocked refrigerator

  • aisles of fresh produce at the store

  • a battery that works in the car

  • a pen that writes

  • the warmth of friends

  • knowing how to read

  • understanding punctuation

  • a mailbox on the corner

  • sunflower kernels for snacks

  • balanced meals

  • being of service to others & income

  • lotion for my heels

  • fingernail clippers

  • matching cups and plates

  • the aroma of brewing tea

  • a furnace that works

  • clean air vents in the furnace

  • heat in the winter

  • running water

  • a table to write at

  • a table to eat at

  • light and spaciousness in the kitchen

  • a sunrise

  • twittering birds at sunrise

  • my cats meow

  • fuel for the car

  • steps to my house

  • a walk around the park

  • the view from my window

  • a clock in harmony with time

  • smiles

  • feeling full and nourished

  • technology that is awesome

  • those who teach

  • a savings account

  • socks that are warm

  • the warmth of the sunshine

  • rain that is needed

  • phone connections

  • lighting up at the sound of the voice of my friends

  • breakfast in bed

  • old fashioned steel-cut oatmeal

  • blueberries

  • books to enliven the soul

  • a backbone for posture

  • muscles that work without pain

  • being able to stand up

  • that my husband has a job

  • a reliable vehicle that lasts for years

  • traffic signals for order

  • an infrastructure of roads for mobility

  • knowing what my friends are up to

  • paper to write on, letters in my mailbox

  • a language that exists for communication

  • rapport with others

  • my dishwasher

  • a sparkling kitchen

  • a clean toilet

  • toothbrush and toothpaste

  • clean filtered invigorating life giving fresh water

  • clothes that fit

  • track pants for yoga

  • my pet

  • paper clips

  • ideas and animated conversations

  • dreams close to the heart

  • plans and steps to take action

  • clarity

  • being understood and understanding

  • role models and people who contribute including honorable ancestors

  • making a difference

  • hands that function well

  • remembering where each room in the house is

  • past achievements and the little routine things

  • days and seasons and cycles

  • lunch

  • a bicycle

  • a warm shower

  • the computer network

  • being clothed in my right mind

  • a closer walk with God

  • seeds that sprout

  • horses

  • fun

  • the one reading this - YOU
    When was the last time you celebrated the small goals you have achieved that would be so easy for you to take for granted, for example, getting out the door on time for an appointment, or knowing what order to take a shower in - what you do first, second, all those types of things.
    Our days are made up of small things, and it can be signficant to notice the things we do over and over, and to feel gratitude for the earth and humanity that supports us in a myriad of ways.

So that was a list of 100 things to be grateful for in 2009. Like developing a muscle, when we stop lifting weights we lose the muscle. Can you think of 5 more items to add to the list in your mind?

One of the things I like to do is recommend my life coaching clients keep a gratitude journal. This is in parrallel to the values work and goal setting we do. What I offer is what people don't get elsewhere, around accountability.

If this speaks to you then you could also start a gratitude journal and list 5 things each day you appreciate. You don't need to shop for a journal that is just right, you can staple typing paper together or use a yellow post it note. The important thing is to begin, you can always refine the process as you continue. I have a friend who offers a workshop and bundles together everything a person needs to begin journaling. But this isn't so much about journaling as it is about simple gratitude. Perhaps it is because we are so visual that it does something for us to be able to SEE the list. Even Oprah has said she has found a gratitude journal to be important, she goes through the day noticing things because she may need to remember that for the gratitude journal. It's a great way to be aware of remembering the positive and shining the flashlight of your focus on what you want more of. Be blessed.
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